GASPA Class Representatives

Becoming a class representative is an excellent way to become more involved with the School. The Class Rep Hand Book gives details on everything you need to know about being a class rep. Below is a brief summary.

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Class Representative Role and Responsibilities
Your Role as Class Rep would be:

  • To act as the main parent representative for your child’s class.
  • To be the main spokesperson acting for parents in your class.
  • To be the main contact person for liaising between parents, GASPA and the school.

As a Class Rep we would like you to:

  • Attend Class Rep meetings with GASPA Vice-Chairs and Chair (approx one per term).
  • Come to GASPA General Meetings or delegate this responsibility to another parent in your class, so that there is at least one representative from each class is present at such meetings.
  • Feedback information from the GASPA meetings to parents in your class.
  • Communicate ad hoc information to parents either from GASPA or the School.  This might require you to attend the occasional meeting during school time or in the evening, or to delegate to someone else in your class.
  • Organise  your class‘s participation in year group cake stalls (sending out a letter to parents requesting cakes, putting up posters, collecting and pricing cakes, organising a float of money, selling etc.)
  • Coordinate swimming rotas for parents in your class to help in the pool area and the changing rooms.  This is really vital for the continuation of swimming lessons in your class.
  • Manage and co-ordinate helps for your designated stall at key events such as the Christmas and Summer Fair.  The key aspect to this role is to ensure enough help through rotas and to delegate enough responsibilities to other parents in your class to accomplish a successful team effort.
  • Attend any pre-event preparation meetings (as required).
  • Liaise with parents at Christmas and at the end of the academic year to coordinate a gift for the teacher, classroom assistant and other support staff.
  • Arrange occasional social activities for parents in your class to promote relationships between parents and to make the coordination of above mentioned activities easier. This might be a night out for Christmas or end of term get together.

 The Class Reps 2019/20

Luisa Day (am)
Lucy Richards (am)
Kayleigh Palko (pm)
Lucie Oliver (pm)
Archika Kumar (all day)
Claire Thorburn
Caroline Parry
Punam Vassa
Fin Langman
Gemma Cooper Dixon
Rike Jones
Natasha Ricot-gomez
Chloe Georgiou
Martine Loxton
Sarah Hemsley
Year 1
Lucy Richards
Silke Johns
Amrit Bansal
Kelly Ellis
Hibba Mussawir
Sarah Tomkins
Hana Waghorn
Cherrie Keene
Year 2
Caroline Burke
Julee Ha
Fiona Sharples
Joe Chang
Catherine Brindley
Kirsten Cook
Fozzie McAdam
Sarah O’Toole
 Nalia Watson
Year 3
Ekaterina Ostapchuk
Dorita Morito
Caroline Parry
Lynn Alcorn
Steph Adams
Jenny Nolan
Vicky Freedman
Luisa Day
Year 4
Lindsay Meats
Nadiya Nisthar
Aree Phongsai
Hibba Mussawir
Jacqueline Chang
Lauren Clusky
Luisa Day
Sharon Scott
Isabel Bradley
Year 5
Ekaterina Ostapchuk
Catherine Brindley
 Sarah O’Toole
Caroline Parry
Hattie Tingley
Bec Gresson
Helen Hickman
Octavia Allocco
Suzannah Dickinsons
Year 6
Sarah Stafford
Andrea Patroklou
Vicki Moorhouse
Cath Thompson
Sarah Hemsley
Claire Scargill
Liz Smith

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