OGM – 20/10/20

GASPA is holding an Ordinary General Meeting (OGM) on Tuesday 20 October from 7.30pm – it will be virtual – on the school’s zoom platform (https://zoom.us/join). Everyone is welcome but to join you will require a meeting id and password; which we will share separately with parents and carers through our parent rep network and parent mail. Please join us as we confirm new committee members and discuss fundraising plans.


Tuesday 20 October 7.30pm

  • Welcome and Introduction to Grand Avenue Parent and Teacher Association:  
    • Apologies for absence.
    • Approval of the AGM Minutes from 3 March 2020
  • Mrs Barrington – Update from the school
  • Committee update
    • Voting in of new members and re-election of core committee members
      • Chair
      • Vice Chairs
      • Treasurer
      • Assistant Treasurer
      • Secretary
  • Finances Update:2019 Accounts
  • GASPA Contributions to the school   
  • Mini GASPA – News and upcoming initiatives for our children
  • GASPA Website update
  • Class Reps update
  • Events – Brief summary of proposed fundraising activities 
  • Open discussion – Have you got any ideas or questions that you would like to share
  • Grand Parent and Teacher Award Box
  • Thank you and Close. 
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